Turn your disappointments into money
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Turn disappointments into Money in your Business- Ignite your Passion and Sustain it!

Strategic Attraction Plan for Passion Test Facilitators
(Other passionate business owners welcomed too).

Free 90 min Coaching call- Teleseminar format. You will call using a local phone number and a password. Those numbers will be provided when you register.

Date and Time: Monday, November 17th 2014, 9 AM EST United States

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This 90 min free Coaching call is designed specifically for Passion Test facilitators that love what they do, see the need for it in the world, have their hearts set to help tons of people and then...they encounter disappointments when explaining what they do, offering it and trying to sell it. That decreases their energy so it becomes difficult to sell anything at that point.

But I also welcome any business owner or person that is passionate about what they do, want to make a difference in the world and want to live a full life of success and joy.

As Passionate business owners we wear our hearts in our sleeves. Our enthusiasm is infectious and that is why people tell us: “I want what you are having”.

And that is great. We have clients that love us and appreciate what we do, pay us well and give us great references. Those are our “perfect” customers. We want more of those.

But then is the question of profits and being able to live from it.

Can we make enough profits to live from this business, expand it and reach more people? We want to have joy, live a full life and make a huge impact.

The answer to that is: YES, YES and YES!!!

But only when you use a method to turn around your disappointments into money, attract your perfect customer, monetize them and sustain that passion level high! High passion is attractive. But low passion repels people and your objectives drift away...:(

I have been disappointed many times when I have explained what I do to prospects, clients, friends, relatives, etc. I have been looked at skeptically and even received horrible remarks. That used to bring my energy down and it will take several days or months until it came back.

But now I know something that has changed my life and I turned it into a “ritual” that I use every day.

The biggest the disappointment, the bigger the breakthrough or insight. And that insight is like “money in the bank” when you use it.

So imagine this: a smallish disappointment... it will be worth 50 dollars to you; a medium one, perhaps 500 dollars; a big one, 5000 dollars; and a massive one, 1 million dollars. Which one would you prefer?

Very soon you will be welcoming disappointments when they come because YOU KNOW how to extract the juice from them!!

Let me explain you HOW to do that in a Live Coaching call in which I will take 1 person through the 5 parts of the Strategic Attraction Plan (SAPTM).

Send me your business complaint to mdorado@livefromyourpassion.com to be the one person pre-selected to receive Live Coaching using the SAPTM process.

The SAPTM process was created by my wonderful mentors Jan Stringer and Alan Hickman from www.perfectcustomers.com and I am a Certified Facilitator for this method.

I have given it my own spin, filtering it through my 18 years sales career in the oil and gas industry.

If I would have had this tool in my day....

But now I am not selling petroleum engineering software anymore. I am helping people with their own business so their brilliance and compassion and wonderful services can reach many more and make this world a more conscious and joyful one for us and the future generations.

Success is fun. Because when there is a lack of results there is a level of stress that I have known before. Our relationships and health suffer, not only our bank account or our reputation.

For me, after having being successful in sales, but also having been fired 4 times, left the corporate industry, started my own business, not being able to be profitable, turn it around etc. what I am experiencing now is like an oasis in a dessert...

To connect with people that are such perfect customers for me, and see that the sales process becomes like a party because both provider and client are so happy is a dream come true...

I think that I needed to suffer so much in sales to drive me to go deep in this process and really find the key to turn it all around.

This SAPTM process is a keeper. I will not change my SAPTM for anything. Nobody will take my SAPTM from me, I love my SAPTM...ha,ha.

This SAPTM means to me that when the disappointment in my daily business day come (and they will come, no doubt), I know exactly what to do, and I can look forward to amazing joy at the end of the process and even stronger clarity and confidence.

Let’s be successful, authentic and passionate, using a tool that will become the repository of those complaints and disappointments, which enter as such and come out as money and sustainable passion on the other end.

Please send me your business complaint, the one thing that is “bugging” you the most to mdorado@livefromyourpassion.com. I will pre-select 1 story and 1 person will be coached Live by me on the call using the 5 parts of the SAPTM process. Make sure that if you send the story, you are available for the Live Coaching call. There will be time for Q & A also.

If you can’t make the Live Coaching call, please register anyway and you will receive the call recording.

A Toast to turning your disappointments into money! A Toast to your most passionate life!


Turn your disappointments into money
Register and I will send you the call recording.

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